We have teams of engineers, with permanent cooperation and help from our external associates, have specialties for certain field of design and engineering:

  • Design of various types of commercial buildings
  • Design of residential buildings of all types
  • Industrial buildings and facilities
  • Interior design
  • Design of oil and gas processing facilities
  • Recovery and retrofitting of structural systems
  • Structure analysis and calculation and seizmic engineering
  • Concrete and steel structures’ calculations
  • Demolition protocols
  • Preparatory works protocols

In close cooperation with our external associates, Tim Inženjering Sistem offers a full range design solutions including:

  • Design for different types of hydrotechnical instalations and facilities: water supply, drainage and sewerage systems, fire waters and also systems for treatment of waste water.
  • Design of electrical instalations, both high and low voltage, lightning protection systems, fire alerts.
  • Mechanical instalations for heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC).
  • Design of internal gas instalations
  • Access road and manipulation plateau structural design and leveling plans

We’re also offering:

  • Design for elevators
  • Fire protection protocols
  • Urban design
  • Environmental studies